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Relationships are the Key to Life

Life is about relationships. It’s about connections to those around you. Connections to people you grew up with, share the same blood with, school friends, and even those you just met 5 minutes ago. Our connections to people on this planet are truly what’s most important in life. Think about it. When a celebratory event … Read more…

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The Healing Power of Thieves, Peppermint, and Frankincense Essential Oils

Don’t you just hate it when you little one is sick? I do. They are so precious and little, and you don’t want to see them suffer or be in pain. Our daughter recently was in pain when she would cough hard. Her chest would hurt a bit, which I knew was not a good … Read more…

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Children are playing on green meadow

What’s Your Kid’s Personality Have to Do With It? Everything.

“Don’t do that!” “Stop hitting your brother!” “Go clean your room!” “Didn’t I tell you it’s time to go? Now, let’s GO!” “Focus.” “It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just leave it.” “Stop climbing the furniture!” “No, you can’t jump from up there!!” Have any… Read more…

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Motherhood is a Blast!!… Especially With a Sensory Defensive Child

We had a great day yesterday with occupational and speech therapy with the twins. I’m so glad to see how far they have progressed, especially in the eyes of their therapists. They even waved goodbye to their Speech Therapist that stopped to say how much they have changed and improved. After having lived through the … Read more…

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