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Giving to Others Gives More to You

I completed a challenge group earlier in the year with an amazing group of ladies. They were engaged, commented often, and even shared their own experiences. Our topics included everything from health and finances to time management and relationships. It was encouraging and enlightening. The testimonials coming out of it were amazing – one person’s … Read more…

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Letting Go of Others’ Expectations

People have opinions like they have armpits – some smell sweet and some stinky. And people love to share them. Opinions, not armpits (thankfully). However, just because someone tells you their opinion – sweet or stinky – doesn’t mean it’s really something you should consider. Let’s break it down a bit. An opinion is actually … Read more…

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Find Your Vision, Purpose, and Passion

I opened my e-mail today and there was Proverbs 29:18 staring me in the face – “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Wow. That sums up my life in a nutshell over the last month and a half. Honestly, I believe part of me was in that perishing realm because I’ve been fighting … Read more…

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Gratitude Opens Doors

There’s a shift in the wind. A changing tide. The winds are blowing and there is greatness on the edges of the breeze. Can you feel it? I can. And so many people I’ve talked to lately are in a similar place in their lives. Very interesting. I have felt lost for awhile. Actually, a … Read more…

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Find Yourself Again

After years of pouring yourself into others, feeling as though you’ve been beaten by life, and finding ways to cope, eventually you find yourself standing at the edge of figuring out who you are. You know you must find yourself – who you really are and were created to be. Either you once knew and … Read more…

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The Lies of Personal Development

When you start this journey into self help, personal development, personal growth – whatever you want to call it – all the same, just different names, it seems most people get revelation after revelation. The more you seek, the more you are given to receive. I know this is true for my life. When I … Read more…

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Where Healing and Loving Life Intersect

I’m sitting here getting choked up with all sorts of emotions. I’m elated, nervous, sad, thrilled, and frustrated all at the same time. I feel like I’m called to help people, though, today it may only be through me helping myself – because that’s all I feel I can do. I feel lost and very … Read more…

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