Busy Moms Need a Life, Too

headache Busy Moms Need a Life, Too

Busy Moms Need a Life, Too

by Jessica Stone

I know you.

You’re the mom who’s racing through the grocery store with one kid hanging out of the bottom of the cart, while another one is grabbing everything off the shelf as you go by, as YOU frantically pick out dinner makings as fast as you can, just to get everyone back in the minivan and home as soon as possible, before anyone even notices you were there.

You are the mom who’s waiting in the carpool line, checking facebook for the latest updates about the hilarious adventure another mommy friend had with her kids, just to make you feel a bit more normal and sane about your own life.

You are the mom who is frazzled when daddy gets home because, in the span of just the few short hours the kids have been home from school, a vase is broken, Johnny has written in sharpie all over his brother, and all the toilet paper seems to be wound around the living room floor instead of on the roll, in the bathroom where it belongs.

The good news is… you are not alone.

All moms know what you are going through. And if they act like they don’t, they aren’t being honest about their life. At some point, we all have crazy moments… at least once a day. We want to pull our hair out. Lock ourselves in the bathroom ALONE, even if only for 2 minutes. Or even hide in the closet, rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the corner!

Seriously, when will we get this parenting thing down?

I don’t think it’s a parenting issue at all. Fortunately, I think it’s a must easier fix than that.



Mom needs time away to be an adult, with adults, to be a better parent once she’s back home.

Time and time again, moms tell me that they need “grown-up time.” It’s not that we don’t love our kids. It goes back to that wise saying ~ “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

If we never take a break from the kids, we will no longer be able to look at their dilemmas, problems, and issues with sound judgment and a clear perspective.

We will be worn out, cranky, judgmental, frustrated, irritated, and our responses will come out the same way.

Take your job, for instance. Most moms I know do something for a living, whether it’s from home our outside the home. What would happen if you worked at that job 24/7? What if you never got a break? How would you feel about that job in say, a week? You’d hate it. It would no longer be fun. You would have lost your creative drive to make things better. You’d be less productive. And basically, nothing would get done because you’d be so focused on the negative aspects to see anything positive.

As much as people don’t want to admit it, parenting is a job. And just like any other job, you occasionally need to leave it to have the capacity to respect it, appreciate it, and get refreshed to come back to do it to the best of your ability.

Don’t your kids deserve it?

So next time you feel guilty about leaving dad at home with the kids to hang out with your girlfriends, think again!

You are the only mom your kids have. There is no one else like you that can do what you do. Don’t burn yourself out.

Make your mommy light shine BRILLIANTLY!

If this rings true for you, send me a fun mom story on facebook. Share, share!

Busy Moms Need a Life, Too

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