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Life with multiples is fun, exciting, at times, hilarious, and certainly relational ~ there is nothing quite like the dynamic of twins, trips, or quads that brings a family together.


If You Survive Parenthood, You Can Survive Anything

It’s late at night and I just finished reading a hilarious blog post from a website I recently came across. Well, at least I thought it was hilarious – but after all, it is 12:34am! (What am I doing up this late?!?! Reading hilarious posts, I guess.) I love the way she writes and how … Read more…

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Life as a Single Mom… with Multiples & Special Needs

Jumping into a life that is laid out so differently than one you lived just months before can be a bit intimidating, yet exciting. Life as a single parent sure does throw a curveball with every passing day, it seems. Especially when your life is full of multiples and special needs! I have embarked on … Read more…

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The little girl measures the weight

Skin, Skin Everywhere and What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

I’m tired of skin. I’m tired of it showing in places where it needs to be left up to the imagination, and I’m tired of everyone making such a big deal about what everyone’s looks like. We have become a very shallow society when even our children are thinking they need to dress a certain … Read more…

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Uniquely Made

The bulb blew out. Crud, crap, or whatever other expletive you want to insert here. It was dark and I wasn’t about to get on the tippy top of a stool on a concrete floor to change it. However, I knew what was coming in the morning. The shouting. The screams. All because a little … Read more…

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Woman and spaghetti 2

On Writing, Business, Family, and Noodles

I want to do what I want to do. No more molds. No more following the leader. No more fitting into a cookie cutter shape that looks nothing like me. I feel like I’ve been shoved and pressed into an area that’s too small for me. That area can no longer contain me. I’ve been … Read more…

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The crying boy in tears, on  white background

Sleep Schedules, Late Naps, Cranky Kids – Oh My!

“What am I supposed to do with this kid?” I have heard it over and over. Moms tired, struggling, and frustrated. Kids don’t come with a manual, especially when it comes to their sleeping habits and schedules. Moms get tired and confused, trying to do the same thing that worked yesterday, and not understanding why … Read more…

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Finding Muscle Separation & The Non-Surgical Solution

Pregnancy and weight gain can lead to muscle separation. It’s official term is “diastasis recti.” It’s means the separation of straight, abdominal muscles, basically. However, what few people realize is that the problem is more with the “corset” (transverse abdominis) muscle than what we consider the “six-pack” muscle. The corset muscle is about 3 layers … Read more…

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Sometimes We All Need Some Fun

Living in the world of special needs can be exhausting. With all the communication challenges, the physical demands, and even the emotional ups and downs, we can ALL use a break sometimes. Even the twins understand that! The other night, after eating, playing, brushing teeth, and knowing it was almost bedtime, the boys decided they … Read more…

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healthy habits

The 7 Healthy Habits of Highly Routined Kids

I know I didn’t use a real word in that title, however, you know what I mean when you meet a “routined” kid! They have healthy habits that have been developed to act as a foundation for the rest of their lives. Kids start out with a clean slate. They need to be taught how … Read more…

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Connecting Good Memories to Bad Situations

This little cloth will forever remind me of Andrew in the NICU. All 5 lbs, 4 ozs of him. His fuzzy hair. A tube taped to the side of his face. I often look at it and think, “why am I so attached to this little blanket?” I think the reason is because we are … Read more…

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Newborn baby of 7 days old sleeping with her mother

Implement These Critical Steps Tonight and Your Little One Will Be Sleeping Through the Night in No Time

The sleepless nights. The exhaustion. Not thinking clearly. Not remembering what you ate for breakfast. Or wait… did you eat breakfast? Or even those times you fall asleep on your way to the pillow because you know in three hours, on the dot, that little one will be screaming for more food, to be changed, … Read more…

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