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Living with a special needs child brings it’s own set of challenges and joys above normal parenthood ~ sometimes it feels like only another special needs parent will understand ~ and we do.


Life as a Single Mom… with Multiples & Special Needs

Jumping into a life that is laid out so differently than one you lived just months before can be a bit intimidating, yet exciting. Life as a single parent sure does throw a curveball with every passing day, it seems. Especially when your life is full of multiples and special needs! I have embarked on … Read more…

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10 Things Every Special Needs Kid Must Know

I recently read an article called 20 Things a Mother Should Tell Her Son (it’s excellent, by the way!). It got me thinking about my sons and when I would tell them some of the things the author had listed. Then I started thinking about my daughter, her struggles, and living as a special needs … Read more…

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Skin, Skin Everywhere and What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

I’m tired of skin. I’m tired of it showing in places where it needs to be left up to the imagination, and I’m tired of everyone making such a big deal about what everyone’s looks like. We have become a very shallow society when even our children are thinking they need to dress a certain … Read more…

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Uniquely Made

The bulb blew out. Crud, crap, or whatever other expletive you want to insert here. It was dark and I wasn’t about to get on the tippy top of a stool on a concrete floor to change it. However, I knew what was coming in the morning. The shouting. The screams. All because a little … Read more…

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On Writing, Business, Family, and Noodles

I want to do what I want to do. No more molds. No more following the leader. No more fitting into a cookie cutter shape that looks nothing like me. I feel like I’ve been shoved and pressed into an area that’s too small for me. That area can no longer contain me. I’ve been … Read more…

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Sleep Schedules, Late Naps, Cranky Kids – Oh My!

“What am I supposed to do with this kid?” I have heard it over and over. Moms tired, struggling, and frustrated. Kids don’t come with a manual, especially when it comes to their sleeping habits and schedules. Moms get tired and confused, trying to do the same thing that worked yesterday, and not understanding why … Read more…

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Curveballs ~ Strike Out or Homerun?

You have this plan. You think of it. You write it out. You talk about it. You even dream about it. You know exactly how your life is going to go. The mister man who’s tall, dark, and handsome. The 2.5 kids (still wondering about that “.5″ and how that actually happens!!). Even the white … Read more…

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Young businesswoman with headache

The Trouble With Troubles

We all face trials and troubles in this life. No one is immune. No one gets off scott free. We can all be affected by unexpected delays, bad news, and even heartbreak. The question is, how are you choosing to handle it? If you let them, negative situations can render you helpless, hopeless, and hurt. … Read more…

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Struggles in This Life

We all go through struggles. For some of us, it’s with our weight. For others, possibly keeping the right job. For more, choosing the right foods to put into their mouths. And for a growing number of us, it’s not just maintaining our kids’ health, but getting them completely healed and restored. We can live … Read more…

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Healthy Bottoms, Happy Babies

When you have a family with sensitive tummies, sometimes it creates sore bottoms. I remember when I had my first baby, my mom said, “Be careful of carrots. You ALL reacted to carrots!” Apparently, we all got a bad diaper rash every time we had them. Fortunately, of course, we grew out of it! However, … Read more…

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