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Taking care of yourself through nutrition, fitness, and time off is critically important for your health and successfully taking care of others.


Norovirus Fighting Essential Oils (or a similar virus)

I have not had a test done to know whether or not some of my kids have been fighting the nasty norovirus that’s been going around. However, their symptoms sure do seem to match. One son threw up and was fine. One son was down for a week vomiting and with diarrhea, then threw up … Read more…

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Make the Most Out of Your Life Today

Oh my goodness! My challenge is going better than anticipated! People are sharing, being honest, and even offering wisdom to others they don’t even know. Wow! I’m blessed to have a wonderful group of clients and friends who care about each other, making their lives better, and moving in a positive direction to do their … Read more…

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What the Candy Crush App Taught Me About Life

If you have a smartphone or Facebook and haven’t heard of Candy Crush yet, I’m a bit shocked. It seems like everyone is playing it. Of course, it’s also one of those “new car” syndromes – I didn’t notice people were playing until after I started playing – like when you get a new Honda … Read more…

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Finding Motivation with a Dream Board… and Nightmare Board

I recently sat through a webinar that, in one section, touched on how to motivate yourself. I get this question a lot actually, when it comes to fitness goals and just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I thought it was very interesting when the speaker suggested not just making a “Dream Board” but making a “Nightmare … Read more…

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Success concept.

Resolutions Are For Wimps

Happy New Year!! We all rang in the new year last night by either watching the ball drop, partying with friends, snuggling with our kids, hanging out at church, or praying, like I did. It’s an exciting time. Each new year, we have the opportunity to be better, live better, work harder, and achieve more. … Read more…

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The little girl measures the weight

Skin, Skin Everywhere and What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

I’m tired of skin. I’m tired of it showing in places where it needs to be left up to the imagination, and I’m tired of everyone making such a big deal about what everyone’s looks like. We have become a very shallow society when even our children are thinking they need to dress a certain … Read more…

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On Writing, Business, Family, and Noodles

I want to do what I want to do. No more molds. No more following the leader. No more fitting into a cookie cutter shape that looks nothing like me. I feel like I’ve been shoved and pressed into an area that’s too small for me. That area can no longer contain me. I’ve been … Read more…

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Finding Muscle Separation & The Non-Surgical Solution

Pregnancy and weight gain can lead to muscle separation. It’s official term is “diastasis recti.” It’s means the separation of straight, abdominal muscles, basically. However, what few people realize is that the problem is more with the “corset” (transverse abdominis) muscle than what we consider the “six-pack” muscle. The corset muscle is about 3 layers … Read more…

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Struggles in This Life

We all go through struggles. For some of us, it’s with our weight. For others, possibly keeping the right job. For more, choosing the right foods to put into their mouths. And for a growing number of us, it’s not just maintaining our kids’ health, but getting them completely healed and restored. We can live … Read more…

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