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“You are what you eat” is not just a saying ~ it’s the truth! Get wonderful tips, ideas, and direction here for steering your life the right, healthy way!

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Resolutions Are For Wimps

Happy New Year!! We all rang in the new year last night by either watching the ball drop, partying with friends, snuggling with our kids, hanging out at church, or praying, like I did. It’s an exciting time. Each new year, we have the opportunity to be better, live better, work harder, and achieve more. … Read more…

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Skin, Skin Everywhere and What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

I’m tired of skin. I’m tired of it showing in places where it needs to be left up to the imagination, and I’m tired of everyone making such a big deal about what everyone’s looks like. We have become a very shallow society when even our children are thinking they need to dress a certain … Read more…

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Unscrambling the Parenting Static

We hear it all the time – conflicts in what’s healthy, what’s good for us… today… what’s bad, oh wait, no, now it’s good. You know what I’m talking about. “Sugar is bad.” No, now that we have chemical sweeteners, that white, sticky, bleached stuff from a plant isn’t looking so bad. “Butter’s bad for … Read more…

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This 1 Thing May Be Leading You Directly Into Disease

The #1 search on the internet is related to illnesses. When asked, most people are concerned first about their health before any other area of their lives. And in this age of the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) lifestyle, they should be. One of the major things affecting the rate of disease in this country and … Read more…

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WARNING! You May Become Addicted

Did you know there are people with jobs that are specifically trying to figure out how to make your food addictive? The more you crave it, the more you buy it. The more you buy, the more the food manufacturer profits. So, now, not only does that “strawberry” treat have no real strawberries in it, … Read more…

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Food Really DOES Matter (Watch the Amazing Documentary For FREE!)

Growing up, we all heard “you are what you eat.” Did you believe it? I have to admit, when I heard it in school, I thought, “yea, whatever! You just want me to eat my vegetables!” I already ate some veggies a bit since my mom cooked them for dinner most every night. However, I definitely didn’t go out of my way to eat them. When you have a sick family member, especially a child, you do what you have to… Read more…

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What Are Phytonutrients and What Do They Do?

When I first saw this ad below, I knew Shakeology must be pretty good. However, most “good for you” things out there these days, especially in powder form, have extra added nasties in them. Of course I was a bit skeptical, so I decided to dig a bit further. But you have to admit, this does look like it would be good for you… Read more…

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