Death, Thanksgiving, Teething and How They All Came Together

teething 199x300 Death, Thanksgiving, Teething and How They All Came Together

 Death, Thanksgiving, Teething and How They All Came Together

by Jessica Stone

It was Thanksgiving week.  We were in another state altogether with our immediate family, extended family, and friends to celebrate the holiday.  It also happened to be the same week we decided to have my grandfather’s memorial service, a celebration of his life.  And Matthew was refusing to eat.

The twins were almost 1 1/2 years old and were teething.

What an awful time in our lives for their little teeth to decide to push through the surface of their gums!

And with Matthew, it wasn’t just one tooth – it was four.  Four teeth at the same time, pushing through those little, delicate gums, even causing them to bleed a little.  And the drooling.  Oh, the drooling!

And to top matters, my husband was in the mid-west with his family, celebrating the holiday.  I was by myself with our four kids.

Fortunately, I had lots of extended family around me willing to help and go get Motrin!

I’m not normally one to turn to medicine.  However, when they need it, they need it.  There was also a lot of inflammation in those gums of theirs, and I knew Motrin could help with that.

I remember standing in my aunt’s kitchen, late at night, unscrewing the top off a bottle and practically pouring milk down Matthew’s front, just to get fluids into him.  He refused to eat by normal means.

Somehow, we made it through that week and weekend, got home, finally began eating again, but not without some weight loss.  Unfortunately, we’ve been playing catch up ever since.  Between adding more and more activity in their development coupled with the weight loss from that Thanksgiving, it’s been hard getting more pounds on them.

There are lots of different remedies out there about what to do for those little ones and their sore gums during teething. 

By far, the best thing that worked for my kids was a wet, frozen washcloth, sometimes combined with Motrin if there was a fever involved, especially close to bedtime.

None of the teething rings seemed to work.  I don’t think they ever put any of the teething toys in their mouths.  You know, the ones with the liquid inside.  The nice thing about a washcloth is how the shape can change and form around their gums as they bite down on it.

As far as the topical medications, Orajel and some others are getting a bad wrap for kids under 2.  Here is a great article explaining the problem with the medications and gives five natural remedies.

Of course during teething, they need lots of extra love and hugs.  And remember, mom, this too will pass.

Leave a comment with a solution that worked for your kids.  New mommies need some extra help and assistance that only other moms can bring!


Sharing is Caring.

Moms need help and encouragement, especially when they feel like they are going to pull their hair out (teething tends to be one of those times).  Please use the share buttons below and send this to parents with new little ones that could use the advice before they are bald!


jessbio Death, Thanksgiving, Teething and How They All Came TogetherJessica Stone is a wife, mom to 4, and owner of her own business in the fitness industry.  She has 3 special needs children, with one child with an undiagnosed neuro-muscular condition that limits her mobility.  She enjoys sharing what she’s learned through her trials, experience, and research with other parents who are looking for support, encouragement, and helpful information.  Get her FREE eBooklet Five Steps to Losing Those Last 10 Pounds today for simple steps to help you trim up and fit into those fashionable clothes you’ve always wanted to wear!  Connect with Jess live today on Facebook!



Death, Thanksgiving, Teething and How They All Came Together

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