He did it… he FINALLY did it!

pinkbirdiesmall He did it... he FINALLY did it!

February 9, 2012


I’m talking about Matthew!

We have been working with this kid (yes, I find I detach myself from them just a bit when they are screaming at me, refusing to even TRY to communicate properly… you know you do it, too!) for months now on building his word base, asking him to sign the words he can’t say, and generally communicate better.

Guess what?

He did it.  He FINALLY did it!

He’s been hating anything to do with the word “please.”  He dislikes it so much that usually when we ask him to say it, he whines, throws himself on the floor, and gives us an awful look.  And if we try to hand-over-hand sign with him, he tries his best to pull his hand away, of course, while whining.

However, today we had a breakthrough.  He was requesting more breakfast and actually said the right breakfast word.  I, apparently, didn’t get up fast enough for him to get more, so he started to whine.  I stopped in my tracks and said, “no, you need to ask nicely.  Can you say ‘please?’”

And wouldn’t you know he looked at me, I asked him one more time, and with that he smiled and SIGNED IT!

I about fell out of my chair!

If you’ve ever dealt with a toddler having a hard time expressing what they want, you know what I mean by the grunts and whines.  You deal with the tantrums, too (read the article I wrote about what the world would be like if us moms threw tantrums and whined).

It’s a breath of fresh air and light at the end of the tunnel even when they do just one simple move in a positive direction.

We high-fived!  He smiled so big.

Now, let’s just hope it sticks!

scroll He did it... he FINALLY did it!


He did it… he FINALLY did it!

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