Finding Motivation to Exercise, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight & Keep It Off

First of all, let me say, you are NOT alone. We all get tired. We all lose motivation at some point or another. We all have a hard time getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise… or staying up after living a full day to get our workout in. You are not the only one that has had a hard time staying motivated to keep going until you reach your goal or maintaining your weight loss.

Instead of asking yourself, “how can I do this?” You need to ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” What made you first want to lose weight? eat healthier? exercise? start running? participate in a marathon?

Once you answer your “why,” it’s easier to maintain your motivation!

We each have different things that motivate us. And sometimes, it’s more than one thing. For instance, the things that motivate me to workout and eat healthy are my kids (being able to play with them and keep up!) and the sheer challenge of sticking with a program long enough to see the results, see it through, and gaining the satisfaction of knowing that I did my best and made it through to the end! I thrive on challenges (like the one we are about to do… learn more here)… challenges that push my body harder, that push me outside my comfort zone physically or mentally, that build my character as I push through them.

But each person is different. Not everyone will connect with what motivates me. Maybe your motivation is reaching a particular weight. Or maybe it’s to look nice for your summer vacation swimsuit. Or maybe it’s doctor’s orders to get healthy, lower cholesterol, and decrease your risk of heart disease.

Whatever it is, own up to it, embrace it, and use it as your motivation to keep going.

It’s very important, also, to stop and celebrate your successes as you tackle anything new like this. When you lose those first 5 pounds, celebrate! Treat yourself to a massage, a new book you’ve been wanting to read, a playdate in the park with the kids, a night on the town with your significant other. When you finish a fitness program, pause, celebrate and treat yourself, then pick the next challenge to stay motivated and keep the momentum going to better health and a more toned body!

When you start realizing your goals and reaching them… the very thing(s) that made you start this process in the first place… your success then becomes your fuel to keep propelling you forward, continuing eating healthy and maintaining your fitness routine.

Sure, we can all give up. We can become the norm, which is now, unfortunately, obesity. We can all just sit, eat junk, do nothing, and get absolutely NOTHING out of life. OR… we can push ourselves, move our bodies, join fun fitness classes or challenges, eat healthy, yummy foods that help us keep weight off and boost our energy, all while building our character and becoming more disciplined. To me, the latter sounds better! What about you?

Are you ready to put your motivation to the test and jump into a challenge? I’m waiting for YOU!

Finding Motivation to Exercise, Eat Healthy, Lose Weight & Keep It Off

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