Gluten-Free & Fabulous Frozen Pizza

So one of my latest finds deserves a blog article all to itself! It really is Gluten-Free AND Fabulous!!!

That’s the actual brand name of a new frozen pizza I found. And get this… not only is it topped with pesto, basil, spinach, and diced tomatoes, but it has only 169 calories per serving! That’s unheard of in the frozen pizza world. Almost every other one I have had is at least 300 calories per serving.

It has a nice, thin, crispy crust and the most delicious toppings EVER. I have seen two different flavors / toppings, but have only had the Pesto Margherita.

And to top off the delicious taste and the lightness in calories, some ingredients are organic. It doesn’t get much better than this if you’re going for frozen pizza.

Check out their website at (looks like they have had a name change to “Simply Shari’s”). They also carry pastas and other baked goods, like shortbreads and brownies.

Enjoy (you’ll thank me later)!

Gluten-Free & Fabulous Frozen Pizza

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