Healthy Bottoms, Happy Babies

When you have a family with sensitive tummies, sometimes it creates sore bottoms. I remember when I had my first baby, my mom said, “Be careful of carrots. You ALL reacted to carrots!” Apparently, we all got a bad diaper rash every time we had them. Fortunately, of course, we grew out of it!

However, you may have a little one of your own that seems to keep fighting diaper rash. The bad news is that there could be many things causing it.

In my four kids, we have battled constipation, diarrhea, allergies to foods, yeast overgrowth, and even poison ivy! Yes, you read that right. Poison ivy was passed from my husband from working in the yard to our twin boys when he changed their diapers. It took weeks to get over it, and eventually, we had to stop using our cloth diapers.

Fortunately, there are many good remedies that work for all types of rashes. Here are a few great ones:

- Basic Diaper Rash: coconut oil & lavender essential oil (organic & therapeutic-grade), Bert’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, vaseline & Mylanta (the Mylanta heals it while the vaseline keeps it protected)

- Yeast Overgrowth: Lotrimin topically. If this doesn’t resolve it, be sure to take your kiddo to the Pediatrician ASAP. In our case, our son needed antibiotics internally to help, too. Yeast, also known as thrush, is a nasty thing, not to be messed with for too long. If you suspect it, have it checked out immediately and deal with it. Candida is also yeast overgrowth. And yeast can also be passed back and forth between baby and nursing mom. Not fun. Even if your child doesn’t have a white patch on their tongue, but has a diaper rash that won’t go away, more than likely it IS thrush.

- Constipation / Constant “Skid Marks”: one of the best remedies for this is Balmex or another zinc oxide-based diaper rash ointment. One of the twins gets this every once in awhile when his system reacts to something or he doesn’t drink enough. I have to make sure he continues to drink often, but there are some times I have no idea what causes it. However, he can have just two bad, stinky diapers in a row, and his skin is so sensitive that he not only breaks out, but even can bleed. It’s awful and painful. We have tried all of the treatments for “Basic Diaper Rash” – nothing. It didn’t touch it. However, when I tried some zinc oxide-based ointment, it cleared it up within about three days!

Some kids are more sensitive to foods, some have more sensitive skin, and some, with the combination of both, can make for very bad diapers and diaper rash.

The first thing to realize is it’s not your fault as a parent. This just happens. Don’t beat yourself up. Circumstances can cause reactions that you don’t plan and can’t predict. Just try and try again if at first you don’t succeed. Personally, I like to try the most natural treatments first. However, there are just some times that you need to grab a medication to get it cleared up as soon as possible.

I hope one of these remedies works well for your little one and that the rash doesn’t continue too long. They aren’t any fun for babies… or us moms!

Does your little one fight diaper rash often? What remedies have worked for you? Share! Share!



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JessBio200 Healthy Bottoms, Happy BabiesJessica Stone is a wife, mom to 4, and owner of her own businesses in the fitness and essential oils industries. She has 3 special needs children, one which has an undiagnosed neuro-muscular condition that limits her mobility, and her twins are currently receiving therapy for sensory defensiveness, physical mobility, fine motor skills, and speech. She enjoys sharing what she has learned through her trials, experience, research, and tools that have helped her children’s health with other parents who are looking for support, encouragement, and helpful information. Get her FREE gift to you, 30 Easy Snacks Your Kids Will Devour: Eating Healthy Never Got So Simple, to help you feed your kids quick & healthy! Connect with Jess live today on Facebook!

Healthy Bottoms, Happy Babies

11 thoughts on “Healthy Bottoms, Happy Babies

  1. Your article should be very helpful to parents of young ones. It’s been a long time since mine were babies. We did have a problem with diaper rash with our first baby… this was before disposables. Our pediatrician told me to put the cloth diapers through 2 rinse cycles and always hang them to dry in the sun… we didn’t even own a dryer at that time. The 2 rinses seemed to take care of the problem so the rash must have been caused by residues of detergent. Not sure if this helps now… over 42 years ago with our youngest. Great tips in this article, Jessica.

    1. Those are really good points you brought up about cloth diapers, Pat. I remember hearing that about the sun, as well, when we had our boys in cloth diapers. Actually, all of my kids have been in cloth at one point or another! I REALLY liked the money we saved on cloth, but had to switch when the boys started reacting. I think it was the poison ivy oil, though, it never seemed to fully wash out to the point that they wouldn’t react. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  2. Claudia Looi says:

    Jessica, great information for moms who wants to raise their babies healthily. There are just too many synthetic baby products out there. I remember using a synthetic product called “Balmex”. Are they still available?

  3. I remember the day that my daughter was terribly constipated and we had gone from doctor to doctor for months in a row in those days. Then there was the day that I got an idea; I took a calender and bought 4 little toys. Every time she had a bowl movement; she was allowed to make a little drawing in the calender space and when all the days were filled with drawings, she would receive the little toy. It worked like a charm…we never had to look back again!!
    I have also heard moms tell me that peppermint with a carrier oil works great when you rub it on the tummy of a child….

  4. Great information for all moms! And, yes, I do remember the carrots. They were like igniting a fire on your little bottoms. Once you figure out what is causing the issue, it is a good thing to avoid it for a while to allow for the proper healing to take place. Then, later, it can be reintroduced into the diet to see if the reaction has been outgrown.

  5. Our oldest had constant digestive issues and rash for a long time until we dramatically changed his diet. It was a challenging season with everyone in the family making sacrifices, but the effort really helped Jack’s tummy and bottom heal!

    1. Wow! See, it’s amazing how our diets affect different members of our families in such different ways. I’m so glad you found something to help Jack, his tummy, and his diaper!

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