“MARCH FOR MOMS” FREE Health Challenge

fitnesschallenge2 196x300 MARCH FOR MOMS FREE Health ChallengeStop the madness!  Finding motivation for fitness and eating right can be a challenge. You are no longer required to do it on your own! As a mom, your time is too precious.  And if you are a mom in business, you have even less time to figure it all out.

Let me help you!  It’s FREE…

Beginning March 15, we are joining together to help you gain back your energy, find “yourself” again – the “you” that you used to like seeing in the mirror, and get you fitting back into those slim jeans you tucked away in a box after you had your kids.


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Gain back the clarity, vibrance, and youthfulness you’ve been craving!

Don’t feel like you need to get healthy on your own.  Join our support community with other moms that know exactly how you feel.

Together, we can choose the best fitness program for you to work through during the challenge, even if it’s one you currently own – we’ll help you find your soulmate workout.

And forget having to figure out what to eat on a new fitness program while helping with homework, making sure your little ones have washed behind their ears, and getting a new load of laundry into the washer. You’ll receive yummy recipes straight to your inbox! It doesn’t get much better or easier than this!

Sign up today!  Did I mention it’s FREE?!wellness2 300x219 MARCH FOR MOMS FREE Health Challenge

You can also participate in our fun Facebook Group that is designed just for YOU!  Come hang out with other moms, sharing recipes, fitness fun, motivational help, parenting tips, and even hilarious stories of our exciting lives as moms.

And don’t let what you put in your mouth stress you out.  Life isn’t about counting calories.  Let me show you how to eat healthy, well-balanced meals while working through your fitness program that will lead to success in reaching your weight loss goals.

You’ll Receive:

-Daily support from me and other moms through our Facebook Support Community ~ “Moms Motivatin’ Moms” (join now)

-Help choosing your soulmate workout ~ the one that works best for you, your time, and your target areas

-Easy, healthy recipes that will be delivered to your inbox

-Access to other moms’ ideas, advice, and motivation

-A connection like no other to like-minded moms that want to be their best and live in a happy, healthy home!

Hurry to sign up!  Space is limited.

Register by March 1st AND make sure five of your mommy friends* do the same to be entered into a drawing for an amazing giveaway ~ an entire month supply of Shakeology, flavor of your choice ~ Chocolate, Greenberry, or new vegan Tropical Strawberry (a $119.95 VALUE)!

*Your friends must use your name when registering to participate for you to get credit.  Be sure they know that!!  (they can also be entered for the giveaway if they get five of their friends to register and so on)

By the end of this 60-day challenge, you’ll be feeling and looking GREAT just in time for that swimsuit on your summer vacation!

Join this FREE health challenge today!!


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