My new organic skincare regimen

So I’m traveling in our van right now, heading to North Carolina for our summer vacation trip to the beach. And this is following a 7-hour training today to become a Certified PiYo Instructor (so excited!). But I just had to write you about my new face skincare…

I recently purchased the products for sensitive skin from KORA Organics out of Australia. The developer of this line is Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret supermodel and “Angel” and also wife to Orlando Bloom.

She is very much into an organic life and decided to make her own skincare line. She had it ready for awhile and wasn’t planning on taking it to market until her friends and family that used it started seeing great results (her own mother has an AWESOME testimony of it helping her rosacea). Her mother then encouraged her to take it to market. So now, it’s available to us!!!

Well, not only did it arrive MUCH faster than I thought it would, but after just 3 uses (if not before), I have noticed the little bumps on my forehead (just small bumps that seem to be there almost all the time… not pimples, just bumps) and the redness in my face has been reduced!

I’m looking forward to seeing what this product does for me after several weeks of use. I have taken a “before” makeup-less photo so I can really compare later (not MY photo above… that is Miranda Kerr)! But I thought it was important enough to share this with you as we head east to NC icon smile My new organic skincare regimen

If you would like more information, would like to read testimonials, or would like to buy KORA products, please visit their website at

My new organic skincare regimen

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