Parenting Difficulties Are Magnified When Your Child Has Special Needs


andrew Parenting Difficulties Are Magnified When Your Child Has Special Needs



I have always viewed the term "special needs" fairly broadly.  You more than likely do, too, if you have a child with ADHD, Autism, any neuro-muscular condition, delays in physical, emotional, or mental development, etc. 

All of these conditions in children mean they need extra support, encouragement, patience, understanding, and help in one or more areas.  Therefore, it means more challenges for you, as mom, providing or seeking the help they need.

We all want our children to not only develop perfectly, but to flourish, too.

I remember when we first found out there was something wrong… well, I don’t even want to use that word "wrong"… with our daughter.  There was a challenge.  We found out that her clumsiness wasn’t just that, there was more to it. 

Four years later (seven since the first symptom showed up), having exhausted 4 neurologists, 1 gastroenterologist, 1 physiatrist, and now wearing glasses, AFO braces, and using a walker and power chair, we still have no diagnosis!

Now, add on top of that twin boys going through therapy for sensory defensiveness / processing, speech, and physical therapy, which started several months ago.

There are days I feel so helpless and completely lost, especially with no diagnosis.  There are days I just want to stick my head in the sand, go to sleep with my head under the pillow, or use that pillow to cover my shouts of anger and frustration.

I know exactly what you are going through.

Parenting is hard… all by itself.  But when you add the stress, care, and time to living with a special needs kid to parenting, it takes on a whole new level. 

Not only are you no longer just dealing with the daily bickering between siblings, the disrespectful attitudes, and the constant follow up to make sure they have done all their homework and chores, in addition, you are adding on various levels of extra activity, depending on your child’s needs. 

You may be the mom that has to sit with your child for five hours just to complete one night’s worth of homework because his meds have worn off and you must constantly keep him focused just to complete what would take another child just 1 1/2 hours to finish. 

You may be the mom who has to carry your child to the bathroom, help them get their clothes on and off, wash and dry hands, and do it all over again every single time they need to go to the restroom.

You may be the mom who has to explain, in detail, to your child why they need to take the trash out even though Daddy did it yesterday because they don’t understand that even though the bag isn’t full, the stinky chicken bones need to leave the kitchen.

You may be the mom who seeks peace as you listen to your kid scream out of frustration because they can’t communicate with you their wants and needs.

You may be the new mom freaking out that you have to leave your tiny, newborn baby in the hospital NICU with people you don’t know, to care for him, and rely on them to do as good of a job as you know you could do at home.  If you could only hold him in your arms, you know everything would feel ok.

You may be the mom who is scared because you know there has been a change in your child – slight, but still there – that everyone else seems to be blowing off as a phase or something they will grow out of, and feel like you are the only one who will be an advocate for them.  You just need someone to listen!

You are not alone.  There are more of us here now than you know. 

1 in every 3 children in the US has autism, ADHD, or asthma. 

There are a lot of moms out there caring for special needs.  Caring for the very little ones that will be the next generation of leaders, encouragers, supporters, lovers, and friends.

Parenting is a hard job.  However, we are blessed by those little ones in our lives that make the hard times worth every second of their smiles, laughs, and the beautiful memories we will have forever.

Comment below if you are the mom of a child with special needs and let’s get to know each other better!



Parenting Difficulties Are Magnified When Your Child Has Special Needs

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