People Who Inspire Me: My Family & Faith (Volume 1, Issue 1)

I know this is not my typical type of post, but when you have to give kudos, you have to give kudos! I have decided that every month, I will be posting an article about people who inspire me. Why? Because they deserve to be complimented and recognized. And frankly, maybe YOU need to meet these people and learn more about them!!!

The first slot goes to my family ~ in particular my daughter, Faith. My family has always been my support and motivation for doing what I do. They are my motivation when I get up in the morning, when I feed, wash, and dress them. They are the people I look forward to hanging out and playing with. They are always there for me. They encourage me to follow my dreams, to build on the successes I have already had, and to do more with my life, for myself and them.

I’m particularly inspired by my daughter. She inspires me because of what she has to deal with on a daily basis. We all take so many things for granted, like the simple fact of walking. Well, she doesn’t. She struggles. She fights. She barely holds on sometimes. But every day, every minute, she is fighting! She fights to maintain her balance. She fights to maintain a normal stride, as much as she can. She fights her tummy hurting quite often. She fights to stay awake and playing with the other kids when she is exhausted. She fights through exhaustion, sometimes, just to walk a bit further.

But she is a tough one! Like I said, she fights and fights hard. She was blessed with a great personality and has a wonderful attitude towards most everything, including her challenges. As a fellow mommy friend of mine recently said, we celebrate the little successes of what we can do and not focus on what we can’t. She doesn’t let it hold her back. She tries to do EVERYTHING, whether she physically can or not… and it’s always with a smile on her face!

I watch her push. I watch her try. I watch her do everything to the best of her ability. I watch her celebrate things she does brilliantly, like draw and paint. I am constantly reminded of what life is really about by helping her, observing her attitude and love for life, and talking to her about her health. She inspires me to be a better mom, to not judge what we don’t know about others just based on an outward appearance, and to lend a helping hand, even to strangers. You never know what all they are going through and that God could have sent you into their lives for such a time as this!

Who inspires you? Please comment and share… I WANT TO KNOW! Let’s give credit where credit is due!!!

For more information about my daughter & her health history, check out her website at

People Who Inspire Me: My Family & Faith (Volume 1, Issue 1)

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