Poo. poo. everywhere.

pinkbirdiesmall Poo. poo. everywhere.

      January 30,2012

Poo. Poo. Everywhere.  And I don’t mean the friendly, Disney type.

I had *just* finished changing a stinky diaper when, not 10 minutes later, I started smelling the stink again.  What on earth?!?!

I thought at first maybe I didn’t wrap up the diaper well enough since neither of the boys were acting like anything was in their pants.

But boy was I wrong!

Not only was there poo in the pants… it was all OVER Andrew’s pants and shirt.  It was not a simple “couple of wipes” job.  No, this sucker was almost a “blow past the tub straight to the hose” kind of job.

Well, here… see for yourself… (photo not for the squeamish or those who want to hurl at the sight or smell of poo)

poo Poo. poo. everywhere.


I warned you.  Gross, huh?  Uh, yea.

Needless to say, he DID go in the tub and got a major scrubbing (as well as his clothes which are in a mini load by themselves in the washer as I type).

And that’s nothing.  Check out how bad the changing pad got hit…

poo2 Poo. poo. everywhere.

Fortunately, I hadn’t put their freshly washed pad cover on yet!

Next task?  Figuring out why ON EARTH his poo was this runny.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a story like this.  Share your story in the comments below so we can all have a good laugh (hopefully!).

scroll Poo. poo. everywhere.

Poo. poo. everywhere.

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