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Essential oils should be called “therapy in a bottle.” Be careful… you just might get addicted!

Whether used topically, aromatically, or ingested, you are sure to find the exact single oils or blends that work incredibly with your family! Oils add a new layer to your health like nothing else. They are used to fight ailments, allergies, and even odors and mold, as well as boosting your energy and immune system.

Don’t let more time pass before you include these in your daily routine. Just read these stories of how oils have impacted others!

  • “Adding a drop of Peppermint and several drops of Lemon to my water, I was able to avoid a nasty stomach virus that was being spread throughout my family!”
  • “Adding a few drops of Thieves essential oil blend to my stinky dishwasher during a wash cycle cleared up the smell in one wash. Now, I can’t even smell it if I stick my head in it!”
  • “My daughter complained at bedtime about her nose being stuffy. I added some diluted Peppermint around her face and on her sinus areas. She was better within minutes!”
  • “My 6-year old son was having trouble sleeping one night, so I used some Lavender on him. I also rubbed some Frankincense on the bottoms of his feet to help with cell restoration. Within two days, he was asking for both oils again!”


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