Raw Foods & Weekend Wishes

I found myself totally sucked into a book this past weekend by Sarma Melngailis. It’s called Living Raw Food. It’s been years now since I have been eating lots of raw foods, and I miss it. I miss how great I felt on them. Yes, it does take some planning and prep, but it’s really not that hard.

I was thrilled to find a section in the book for easy, family meals… just what I need!

I’m over tummies hurting, sore mouths, complaints about food, and knowing there is a better option for myself and my family out there that we need to go back to ~ RAW FOODS!

You’re probably wondering why we aren’t on them now. Well, that’s a good question. It’s called PREGNANCY and the senses-enhancing hormones that come with it. Just the thought of and looking at raw foods when I was pregnant with my twins was about enough to make me get sick. I just couldn’t go there. But that’s not surprising since I had to live on soup alone the first trimester since that’s the only thing my nose, eyes, and stomach could handle.

And with the twins, my nausea was worse than my previous pregnancies due to double the hormones! YIKES!

Needless to say, I’m getting back into the swing of things and now that the boys are older, I have more time to devote to planning and prep of raw food meals. I REALLY want to start up again and be mostly raw. I believe it will help with the tummy aches family-wide, as well as give us clearer thoughts, better memories, brighter eyes and teeth, and a serious boost of energy (the typical things you hear about when people eat raw foods and benefit from the good enzymes and nutrients in them).

When I say “raw,” I mean uncooked. Sometimes, in certain recipes, foods are dehydrated. They are placed in a dehydrator (Excalibur brand is recommended… it’s what I use, too) at a temp no higher than about 150 degrees (definitely no higher than around 175 since enzymes are killed when the temperature gets too hot). Each food varies in amount of time it takes to dehydrate, but it’s always worth it. And like I said, only a few dishes throughout the week would use the dehydrator.

Lots of smoothies and juicing go hand-in-hand with the raw food lifestyle… and I’m SO very thankful! I would drink smoothies and juice all day long if I could. And it’s a great way to get your greens in you without tasting or chewing them. There are plenty of recipes that help you hide those flavors with yummy goodness. But your body gets to benefit from the nutrients found in the greens.

Juicing and raw foods have also brought me one of the best recipes on the planet for lemonade (by Alissa Cohen in Living on Live Food).

Recipe for LEMONADE:

~4 Granny Smith apples (or the kind you prefer if you don’t want your lemonade too tart)
~1/2 lemon

Juice all apples first, then run lemon half through juicer. Pour into large mug or glass and ENJOY!

I’m working through a ton of recipes, both in Sarma’s book and about 3 other books I have for raw foods. My goal is to get us up and running on raw foods again by this weekend. It’s a big undertaking since I’m going full-force, but I think these are desperate times. I have children that are desperate for the best nutrients they can get and foods that work WITH their bodies, not ones that make it hard on their bodies to digest. I need to be on the top of my game as much as possible since I have to take care of these kids, do therapy with them, run a business, and continue sharing great health news and recipes with you!

So… here’s to a wonderful weekend and beyond of mental clarity, uncontainable energy, brighter, whiter teeth and eyes, and more! I can’t wait!!!

Raw Foods & Weekend Wishes

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