“Raw Notes”

May 9, 2011
So following my protein shake this morning, I decided my second meal should be one of my favorites… Salsamole!

I eat this all the time with one of my sons, who absolutely loves it just like I do. I love it so much, I lick the bowl (shhh!).

Check out the recipe here… you must try it!

Jan 5, 2010

Well, I feel like it’s time again to start writing again in this journal. A WHOLE lot has happened since I was last updating this. Let’s see… just to name a few… we have totally changed states (back to Georgia), had twin boys, husband changed professions, etc. So, needless to say, 2009 was a crazy busy, but good, blessed year.

However, you must know that while I was pregnant with the twins, ALL raw foods seemed to make my stomach flip flop just at the mere thought of them or looking through a raw foods cookbook.

So, after gaining 54 pounds (ouch! But yes, between 50 and 60 was my target goal) and being told I couldn’t exercise in order to keep them in longer, I am feeling like it’s time to get back in shape and shed the extra weight I don’t need anymore. Also, I have realized that you really do feel lighter and less sluggish on raw foods! I am no where NEAR where I was prior to going raw the first time, but I do feel that my body misses eating like that and the nutrition it gets out of it.

And because I haven’t been eating that way, neither has my family. I have noticed definite changes in them, too, regarding symptoms of things returning, more health issues that weren’t there before, and a change away from willingly eating and liking that type of foods (it’s amazing how your taste buds can be retrained… even in children).

So as we embark on this new year of 2010 and launch it with a Daniel fast, I am praying that this will continue to launch us into a more raw foods lifestyle once again.

Nov 22, 2008

Well, I’m still holding at my new weight after losing 9 pounds! Yea, back to pre-pregnancy weight (well, pre second kiddo weight). What’s great about that is it came off right where I needed it (stomach and hips) but I have been able to still keep on the “healthy” pounds. I was way too skinny before having kids. Faith added a good amount to me, but Samuel added just enough extra that I wasn’t thrilled with my weight. My curves got a bit too curvy.

My diet has been consisting of salads, occasional meat or shellfish, and yummy raw dishes. I do still splurge on things like organic corn chips. I have made my own before and am not against it at all. However, it’s hard to get some makings to these things some times (and other dishes).

We are eating as healthy as we can under the circumstances, and trying our hardest not to stress over food. Raw food for sure makes me feel better. The more I eat, the better I feel.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I have a headache these days again, though. It might coincide with my hubby putting insulation in our room addition right about the same time. Or it might be a diet thing, environmental thing, or stress. I have taken on a few projects lately that aren’t normally in my life, so that might be part of it. Still trying to figure it out, but no known causes for sure at this point (but dang, it felt almost like a migraine last night… weird!).

Overall, I’m still feeling great. The only reason I have taken any naps lately is not because I feel like my body needs it or is sleepy at all, but to get rid of my headache instead. And yea, it works! Just need to get rid of it for good…

Because life has gotten busy and it’s the holiday season, I’m going to a once-a-month website update instead of weekly. After the holidays, it will resume to a once-a-week update. Thanks for continuing to read. I hope you have already learned a lot from this site and will continue to do so. Happy Holidays!

Nov 6, 2008

I’ve debated for days and days whether I should start a journal about my raw lifestyle and research experience. So, for those who may be apprehensive about adding raw foods into your lifestyle to those who are already raw foodies, but need a little encouragement, this journal is for you!

My main reason for originally starting on a raw foods diet was to help my daughter ~ you can read her story at www.caringbridge.org/visit/faithstone. However, after doing more and more research about raw foods, I realized that it would benefit ANYONE willing to change what they put in their mouth for the betterment of their health and their family’s health. So I took the plunge and decided to do as much as I could as I lived life. I started out around 40 – 50% raw in my diet about 2 months ago and have worked up to 97% raw at all times! And LOVING it… might I add!!!

As I began getting Faith, our daughter, on an uphill healing climb, I was more aware of my own health issues that I had never paid attention to before ~ constant headaches (for a year and a half!), joint pain, constipation, overly sleepy in the afternoons, short-term memory loss, hair loss, dry & itchy scalp, puffiness under eyes, splotchy skin, rough complexion on face. Every one of these ailments have disappeared or greatly diminished since I have transitioned to raw foods!

My headaches were gone almost instantly, my system works as it should now, I have more energy than I know what to do with (can survive easily on 6 – 8 hours of sleep for a day), skin tone has evened out, and bumpy skin is going away. And one of the best things is that my memory has returned! For someone that has always relied on my memory and knew it wouldn’t fail me… when it started to, it rocked my world. I had no idea raw foods would improve memory loss when I first started this journey, but I know it now based on my experience and even research I have done.

It hasn’t all been rosey, though. When you transition to raw foods, you also transition into detoxing. Detoxification gets all the toxins and chemicals out of your system. Well, because of that, at some point before your body flushes them, they are reintroduced back into your blood stream briefly. When that happens, most people experience what’s called a “healing crisis” ~ you actually experience your health ailment symptoms before you get better (Faith experienced it both in her sauna cleanse and her NeuroIntegration Therapy). I went from being headache-free for a week to having it again for 2 days. I was slowly feeling good, then felt awful for about 3 days straight. I couldn’t lay my finger on what it was besides exhaustion, general fatigue, and basically the “blahs.” However, when I “awoke” after those 3 days to a new day (Oct 7 ~ about a week and a half on mostly raw foods), I felt like a brand new person. ALL my aches and pains were gone, I had an incredible boost of energy, nothing felt off or wrong, and I even felt better about myself. I had never been one to have self-esteem issues, but there have always been body parts I’d like to change. But that day, and since, I have LOVED me for me… every part. I haven’t wanted to change a single thing. I was more confident, happy with the world, and felt more secure that what I was doing in life was God’s right plan for me!

This has been a very long intro to what I hope will be a very helpful and encouraging journal, even thought-provoking at times. Please continue to read as I take you on the journey of my feelings, current raw status, and plans for the future. Currently, I am actually feeling a little “blah” today, but I think I need rest and more detox is still happening occasionally. I want to do more raw tomorrow… closer to 100%. I am considering juice feasting… but more on that later.


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