Books I’m Reading

Parenting Books

grooming 230x300 Books Im ReadingGrooming the Next Generation for Success: Proven Strategies for Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

by Dani Johnson

I’m almost halfway through this book, and it’s amazing!  Even partially read, I believe it’s a MUST READ for every parent who wants to raise their kids with each child’s future success in mind.  Dani covers the topics of Spiritual Equipping, Self-image, People Skills, Correction & Accountability, Prevention, Work Versus Play, Financial Responsibility, Dreams & Goals, and Nutrition. 

With how hard it’s been to put this book down in between reading sessions, this book would do parents some good, as well as our kids!

makingterribletwosterrific Books Im ReadingMaking the Terrible Two’s Terrific

by John Rosemond

I’m not very far into this book yet.  However, so far, I like what I read.  In the beginning, it talks about how, for the first 18 months of their lives, children are developing trust in their parents by having all their needs met right away.  However, in the second 18 months of their lives, they start realizing that their lives now have to revolve around the family’s normal life… not the 2 year old.  Very interesting!  Can’t wait to get further along in it.


Business Book

talentisneverenough Books Im ReadingTalent is Never Enough

by John C. Maxwell

I hold a special place in my heart for John Maxwell since I worked for him.  His walk is where his talk is.  And I LOVE this book.  So many people that have an obvious talent think that will make them succeed on it’s own.  Well, that’s not true.  Just like anyone else, you have to put hard work into your life.  Many others believe that only talented people succeed.  However, John breaks that myth with example after example of how people working hard make it a lot further in life and success than the so-called “talented” people.


Health Book

ultrametabolism Books Im ReadingUltrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss

by Mark Hyman, M.D.

Click this link to watch a good video explaining this doctor’s philosophy and the way he treats his patients.

This is by a doctor who had chronic health issues himself! He understands what it’s like to deal with pain and illness all the time. And he understands that the body works together as a whole ~ so he calls himself a “whole-istic” doctor. He tries to get to the root causes of diseases, not just treat or mask the symptoms.

So far, it’s a fascinating book! He explains that each body has a certain chemical & DNA makeup in our genes that needs the right type of food, exercise, and amount of food to be at our most ideal weight.

I haven’t read specifics yet, but it looks like it’s going to be a great read!







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