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It bothered us tremendously when our daughter’s doctors and equipment providers got her the much-needed braces, walker, and power chair that she required but fell very short in helping send us in any direction to help with transportation of her chair or even in making our home ADA compliant.

After talking to several other special needs families, almost all of us have that same story when it comes to the resources we need.

This section of the site is built specifically to help families with special needs kids by providing one central place to find both national and state resources for equipment, grants, and even mainstream and alternative therapies.

We are constantly adding more resources to these pages as we hear about and find more. We have also included a page for organizations that support special needs kids and their families through the sometimes hard and emotional times, giving them hope.

We hope you find what you are looking for here. Please leave a comment below or in our Special Needs Support Community Forum if you know of any resources we need to add to our list. We thank you in advance!

For practitioners’ information, both in mainstream and alternative medicine, visit our Practitioner Resources page. This page includes doctors and alternative practitioners who have a good reputation and whom patients have had a good experience with.

For information related to various mainstream, alternative, and state-provided therapies, please visit our Therapy Resources page. As we get condition-specific resources, we will add those links at the top of the page for ease of locating.

For information on mobility equipment, lifts, conversion vans, etc., please visit our Equipment Resources page.

For information on grants through organizations and the government, visit our Grant Resources page.

Again, if you know of resources that should be added to these pages that you have had a great experience with, please let us know in the comments below or in our forum.

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