This is really scary

Do you ever feel like the guy in this picture? Like you need to stick a post-it to your forehead just to remember things?

I’m going to be extremely honest with you today. I have been very nervous lately. I don’t know the exact cause, but I can tell you, it’s been a gradual thing and has happened since going back to the Standard American Diet (but healthier than most).

What’s been scaring me is my memory… or lack thereof! I used to have an excellent memory. I could quickly recall what people said, where we were, and even other details that would probably bore you. I could remember where I put things, even if it was 6 months prior. And I could do all this when I needed to, as quickly as I needed to.

It’s been extremely frustrating lately to NEED to recall things (like where I placed important mail!!!), and not having that information accessible. And what’s even more disturbing is stopping to try to dredge it up, and still… nothing. Do you have those moments, too?

Some believe it’s due to the amount of information we are exposed to on a daily basis. An absurd amount… or at least that’s what people from the 17th century would say (we receive more information in ONE DAY then they did in their LIFETIME). So, yes, we receive, process, and recall a ton of information compared to people living just a few decades, let alone, centuries ago.

But I also believe that God made our brains to be able to handle the information. We file away the important things… and I think most of us are fairly good at dumping the stuff we don’t need in order to keep open space, so to speak, for the important things to come in the future. However, I think it’s more an imbalance, a deficiency, and our diets that are causing more of the problem than space.

Look at people like Marilou Henner. People who have total recall of every second of every day of their lives. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just watch an episode of the CBS drama “Unforgettable.” She can recall what people said, where things were in rooms, what they were wearing… it’s like popping a DVD in of the event and replaying every aspect of it in their brains. As far as I know, there are only 6 known people in the world with this capability. And actress Marilou Henner is one of them.

Anyway, if our brains weren’t able to handle all this information, then they wouldn’t be able to recall all of that. I’m not saying that there is a chance each of us would or should have their kind of recall. But I think the capacity is greater than we give it credit.

I believe that if we change our diets and get back to more nutrient-dense, easier to digest foods, we’d see a major difference. I know when I was on more raw foods than I am now, my “brain fog” lifted and I had mental clarity like I’ve never experienced before (hence, one reason I want to be back on more raw foods). My memory improved, I had more energy, whiter teeth, brighter eyes, and generally felt GREAT!

I’m tired of not being able to remember things! So raw foods… here I come…

This is really scary

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