Step It Up Challenge Survey

“Step It Up” Challenge Survey

I want to thank you so much for participating in my challenge and being open to learning new skills and information and applying it to your life to see results!

Even though we aren’t finished yet and you still have a couple of bonus materials coming from me, I wanted to send this out to make sure you have gotten everything you can from this challenge and to better serve you.

Please take just a minute to fill out this brief survey right now, before the challenge is over.

Thanks so much!

CelebratingWeightLoss Step It Up Challenge Survey

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What have you liked best about this challenge?

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Would you like for the Facebook Community to remain open for a while for staying connected and/or reviewing challenge information?

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What value would you place on the content in this challenge?

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Thanks so much for your input, thoughts, and suggestions! It is GREATLY appreciated!

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