Think “Underneath” for More Storage Space

storagebox e1327892838551 Think Underneath for More Storage Space

One of the best places for you to store things is under your beds (adults and kids) because it’s just dead space.

If you are like me, you have a lot of things you need to keep but that you don’t use every day or every season.

It might be clothes, shoes, crafts, etc. Consider storing them under your bed.

In researching our family’s storage options, I was honestly totally lost in the IKEA catalog. Maybe their website is better, but I just couldn’t find what I was looking for flipping through page after page.

However, I hit the jackpot with the Container Store. Did you know they have underbed storage bins? And even underbed storage bins with WHEELS? You can even store your boots in a box specifically designed for them!

That’s one thing that I determined would be going under our bed… our shoes. They are seasonal enough that it works for us.

Actually, at a baby shower, I “won” an under-the-bed shoe storage thing called “shoes under.”

We did have a 4-tiered rack that was about 3 feet long in the bottom of our closet, which has just recently been moved to right at the bottom of our stairs (the main way into our place). It’s one of the BEST things I could have done.

We have all the kids and our most popular shoes for the season on it, and none of them get spread around the house any more. Yay! The kids used to keep them under their beds, but without fail, they or the dog would hook them with toys, feet, etc., and bring them out into the middle of the room. Well, not anymore!

We will stick to storage bins & boxes under our bed and leave the shoes to stack neatly within easy reach.

Think “Underneath” for More Storage Space

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