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Pot of Green Pills

If You’ve Ever Taken Antibiotics, You MUST Read This…

Depending on the doctor you go see, you may or may not be given antibiotics to fight off an infection. Some give antiobiotics for almost everything, though others realize the importance of not over-exposing the body to so many antibiotics and only give… Read more…

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Vitamin Spill

Nitric Oxide Used To Build Muscle – Is It Safe?

Have you heard of using nitric oxide to build muscle? People are starting to use it since it’s more natural than steroids. The important role Nitric oxide plays in the human body makes it one of the most researched molecules. It regulates the circulation of blood to all parts of… Read more…

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Red Pills

Take Two Of These Drugs and Call Me In The Morning!

Have you noticed all the pills, drugs, medicines, and pharmaceuticals being offered in media all the time now to help with almost anything that ails you… headaches, fevers, allergies, fibromyalgia, etc. But, have you also paid attention to the side effects? They almost all have them and can vary from fatigue and nose bleeds to heart attack and even death!… Read more…

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