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Make the Most Out of Your Life Today

Oh my goodness! My challenge is going better than anticipated! People are sharing, being honest, and even offering wisdom to others they don’t even know. Wow! I’m blessed to have a wonderful group of clients and friends who care about each other, making their lives better, and moving in a positive direction to do their … Read more…

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child with cancer

Shrink Your Children’s Threat of Cancer Now

Fortunately, in the last five years of running multiple tests, biopsies, MRIs, and even a spinal tap, trying to figure out a diagnosis for our daughter, we have learned that she doesn’t have cancer. However, there are plenty of children in the world fighting cancer, this very minute. There is nothing harder in this world … Read more…

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Little boy with stomach pain

The Wonderful Things Parents are Greeted With in the Middle of the Night

It was a week like no other. Monday night. Tuesday night. Wednesday. Three different boys. Three different days. All sick. And not fun for mom (or dad). There is nothing like putting a child down for bed and then having to deal with sickness in the middle of the night! And even if you, as … Read more…

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Cheating With Gluten

Gluten, that sticky substance found in wheat, barley, rye, etc., has been causing a lot of problems lately. 1 in 133 Americans have a gluten intolerance of some sort. There are even more out there that have yet to be diagnosed. Unfortunately, almost everything we eat all day long has gluten in it in the … Read more…

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The Healing Power of Thieves, Peppermint, and Frankincense Essential Oils

Don’t you just hate it when you little one is sick? I do. They are so precious and little, and you don’t want to see them suffer or be in pain. Our daughter recently was in pain when she would cough hard. Her chest would hurt a bit, which I knew was not a good … Read more…

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Is Fake Your Reality?

Have you noticed yourself feeling the need to put on a front? Deep down, do you feel the need to be perfect? Even to the extreme of being fake? Why is that? What in society tells us we must keep our issues to ourselves? We must come across… Read more…

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The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

I have been amazed by the healing benefits of essential oils for adults, children, and even pets. Just a minimal collection of 9 oils has amazing effects on the body. Here are just a few examples… Read more…

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Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

It’s that time of year. The common cold and the flu are going around. What are you going to do? While many people get a flu shot, I advise against this for many reasons. First, there are toxic compounds in the vaccines that hamper… Read more…

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