Your Pearly White Teeth Are Worth More Than Your Beautiful Smile

Well, what I have to share today may seem very simple, but you would be surprised how it affects digestion.

Here is the simple question… do you chew your food well? If not, you may be taxing your stomach and intestines to make up for the part of digestion that’s supposed to begin in the mouth. I decided to talk about this today since we are still at the beginning of this series and breaking down food in the mouth is the beginning of good digestion. Your teeth are worth more than just giving you a lovely smile.

So many of us are in such a hurry throughout the day that, unfortunately, it even transfers over into eating. We look for convenience foods, we throw them in our mouths as fast as possible, and chew them as minimally as we can before swallowing huge chunks of food down just to be able to get the meal over with so we can move on to the next thing on our to-do list. Well, if necessary, add “Lunch” to your to-do list, with enough time devoted to it that you have plenty of minutes to chew and eat properly.

To get in the habit of chewing your food well into small enough pieces and letting your saliva’s enzymes start breaking down the food before going to your stomach to have the acid work further on it, try chewing each bite 20 times. I know at first it will seem like you have completely mashed whatever it is you’re eating, but that’s the point. Our throats weren’t made to slide enormous chunks of food straight down to our stomachs. We have to slow down and help our tummies with the hard job they already have.

So, make a decision, right now, to eat your dinner more slowly tonight, focusing on chewing each bite to the fullest. ENJOY your meal!

Slowing down isn’t just about chewing, it’s about enjoying flavor, enjoying the company of others with you, and enjoying a bit of satisfaction, knowing you made a great decision for your body TODAY!

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Your Pearly White Teeth Are Worth More Than Your Beautiful Smile