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Recipe: Kickin’ Burgers

After getting 5 pounds of grass-fed beef this past Friday, I figured what better way to start it off than with burgers on the grill. And not just any burgers ~ Kickin’ Burgers! These turned out better than I imagined and will definitely be going on the menu list more frequently. Ingredients: 1 pound grass-fed … Read more…

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Recipe: Banana Nut Cacao Smoothie

This Banana Nut Cacao Smoothie is one of my favorite breakfasts or afternoon snacks. It’s filling, healthy, and delicious. With the added flax and cacao, this smoothie is outrageously nutritious! I enjoy smoothies because they are so easy to make by just throwing all the ingredients into a blender and turning it on. Fast & … Read more…

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Recipe: Paleo Chili

I can eat chili any time of year! It’s delicious, filling, and can be stretched a long way in our 6-member family. Typical chili is loaded full of beans, so I wanted to create a paleo version. Here’s what I came up with… Ingredients: 1lb ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken 2 cups organic … Read more…

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Recipe: Gluten Free Vegetable Wrap

I love flatbread wraps because they are so versatile. You can stuff them with all sorts of goodies ~ veggies, meats, salads, etc. The other night I fed this to my son, and he told his sister, who missed the meal, “I had the best dinner tonight!” Life doesn’t get much better hearing your kid … Read more…

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candy fairy

The Fun Candy Alternative

In the world of special needs kids, there are a lot of factors that influence their bodies. Chemicals. Preservatives. Additives. Gluten. Casein. Fragrances… just to name a few. I our world, with gluten sensitivities and Celiac, we have to watch how much sugar we have. With a gluten intolerance, if gluten is ingested, it damages … Read more…

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Recipe: Paleo Pot Roast

I usually make pot roast with beef, potatoes, and carrots. However, I wanted to come up with a delicious and satisfying paleo alternative version. So, here you go! Make it soon and let me know what you think. This is one recipe you can easily let cook most of the day, forget about it, and enjoy it once the vegetables are tender! Read more…

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Recipe: Paleo Spring Mix Roll-ups

I made these Paleo Spring Mix Roll-ups by chance the other day while I was actually craving roast beef. It works well with turkey or roast beef deli meat. It’s a wonderful, easy-peasy recipe to use as a party appetizer or even a fast lunch option. And it’s only 3 main ingredients!! No cooking. It … Read more…

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Cheating With Gluten

Gluten, that sticky substance found in wheat, barley, rye, etc., has been causing a lot of problems lately. 1 in 133 Americans have a gluten intolerance of some sort. There are even more out there that have yet to be diagnosed. Unfortunately, almost everything we eat all day long has gluten in it in the … Read more…

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