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Sleep Schedules, Late Naps, Cranky Kids – Oh My!

“What am I supposed to do with this kid?” I have heard it over and over. Moms tired, struggling, and frustrated. Kids don’t come with a manual, especially when it comes to their sleeping habits and schedules. Moms get tired and confused, trying to do the same thing that worked yesterday, and not understanding why … Read more…

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Sometimes We All Need Some Fun

Living in the world of special needs can be exhausting. With all the communication challenges, the physical demands, and even the emotional ups and downs, we can ALL use a break sometimes. Even the twins understand that! The other night, after eating, playing, brushing teeth, and knowing it was almost bedtime, the boys decided they … Read more…

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Newborn baby of 7 days old sleeping with her mother

Implement These Critical Steps Tonight and Your Little One Will Be Sleeping Through the Night in No Time

The sleepless nights. The exhaustion. Not thinking clearly. Not remembering what you ate for breakfast. Or wait… did you eat breakfast? Or even those times you fall asleep on your way to the pillow because you know in three hours, on the dot, that little one will be screaming for more food, to be changed, … Read more…

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What’s Your Kid’s Personality Have to Do With It? Everything.

“Don’t do that!” “Stop hitting your brother!” “Go clean your room!” “Didn’t I tell you it’s time to go? Now, let’s GO!” “Focus.” “It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just leave it.” “Stop climbing the furniture!” “No, you can’t jump from up there!!” Have any… Read more…

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These Two Things Will Take Your Child Further in Life Than Anything Else

Children these days seem to be less and less appreciative. Have you noticed or is it just me? Next time you are out shopping, take a look around. Listen to what kids are saying to their parents, to their friends, even to strangers. What has happened?… Read more…

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