The Merriest Christmas & Happiest New Year

When you get to this time of year, do you look back and reflect? Have you celebrated your successes in the year?

Let’s see… in 2011, I started my own online marketing business in the fitness industry. I got certified in 3 fitness formats. I attended (and graduated) Presenter Camp even before officially teaching. I am gaining readers to my blog daily which have far exceeded my expectations for this time of year! I have been blessed to help others with their fitness and nutritional challenges with as much knowledge and advice that I can share from what I’ve learned in research. I have gotten more organized, more intentional, more helpful, and even more encouraged by reaching many, MANY of my 12 month goals in just about 5 months!!!

I feel like Christmas has come early! I am so blessed to be able to help my family and others interested in learning about health tips and ideas that aren’t in mainstream medicine… or at least hardly talked about there. I have already received the book PUSH I ordered from Chalene Johnson. If you are looking for (book tagline) “30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life You Deserve!” then this is an EXCELLENT book for you. I went through her 30-day PUSH Challenge in July, and it changed my life. It’s worth investing in for your health, sanity, happiness, and contentment! I have been blessed this year to be able to share in that program and become more organized, focused on MY future (the one I want… not what others expect of me), figure out what I want out of life and how to streamline everything that I do to point in the right direction, and make sure everything that I do works alongside my priorities – not fighting against them.

I hope you, too, feel blessed from your life in 2011. I know so many people make New Year’s Resolutions that are only briefly thought about and hardly ever attained. Don’t let that be you in 2012. Choose to make positive changes in your life and be willing to walk out those changes daily. Break each thing into smaller steps, and do the hardest task for each day first! You will be suprised, excited, and encouraged just a few short weeks later to see so many new, positive results in your New Year!

May you have the Merriest of Christmases, the Happiest of New Years, and the most blessed year in 2012 than you have had yet! May you be joyful, peaceful, content, gracious, loving, caring, and happy!!!

The Merriest Christmas & Happiest New Year

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