To [Blank] With It

Do you ever have those moments when you wonder what it’s all for?

You’re pushing, striving, thinking you are doing what you are “supposed” to be doing – yet it seems like something’s not clicking.

I am learning each day that I certainly don’t have it all together. There are days I feel like I’m doing REALLY well – I’m productive, I’m helping people, I’m getting stuff done – even earning money.

Then there are those days…

The ones you just feel “off” like something’s not working. Like you are missing something. Or someone.

Rejection can hit you all sorts of ways. Through close relationships & friendships, and even in business with clients, prospects, or strangers.

Rejection is something we have to deal with in life – it’s unavoidable. And some handle it better than others.

I always thought I was ok with rejection. I didn’t like it. But I could move on fairly easily.

There are some rejections that make you question a WHOLE lot, though. Are you doing the right thing? Being the right person? Acting the right way? Saying the right thing?

GOSH – can I just be let off the hook to be myself?!?!

Part of me has been so numb for so long that I’ve wondered if I’m capable of certain feelings. I’ve forced myself into numbness to avoid the alternative. It was my way of coping with the world dishing me out something that I thought should have played out TOTALLY differently than reality.

That part of me came alive just a bit this week. I was able to feel again. I was sure I had that part of me still in there somewhere – the part that wants to find my soulmate. The part that wants to bless someone else’s life by being in it. The part that doesn’t care about the little things but wants to be cared for. The part that wants love for me being me and not the pressures to be someone I never should be.

Ohhh… all the crap and lies that fill your head when you go through hurt and rejection! It’s not just dealing with the hurt and loss, it’s the aftermath of the “I’m not good enough’s” or the “Who would want me now, especially with this many kids, their needs, and my less-than-perfect body?” I hate those lies. I hate them because they carry a shred… be it small… but still, a shred of truth.

You have to fight it. I have to fight it.

I’ve grown, though. I see something now and think “I could actually have that” – where before, I’d think it was so far out of my reach. The fact that the thought that I COULD have it amazes me. There was something inside me, in my gut, that said “yes, you can get to it!” Of course, then, the lies crept in and tried to tell me I’m not worth it. Ugh!

It’s a battle I’m waging, but I’m not giving up. I know the truth. I know who I am. I know that God has awesome plans for me. He has brought me this far… why would He give up now?

So… I’m not giving up either.


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JessBio200 To [Blank] With ItJessica Stone is a mom of 4 and owner of her own businesses in the fitness, beauty, and essential oils industries. She has 3 special needs children, one which has an undiagnosed neuro-muscular condition that limits her mobility, and her twins are currently receiving therapy for sensory defensiveness, physical mobility, fine motor skills, and speech. She enjoys sharing what she has learned through her trials, experience, research, and tools that have helped her children’s health with other parents who are looking for support, encouragement, and helpful information. Get her FREE gift to you, 30 Easy Snacks Your Kids Will Devour: Eating Healthy Never Got So Simple. Connect with Jess live today on Facebook!

To [Blank] With It

16 thoughts on “To [Blank] With It

  1. Kimberly says:

    Jessica, I love your vulnerability. In this amazing way, your honesty gives me permission to shake off those very feelings of rejection, those taunting messages that my inner voice tries so hard to convince me are true. When another person shares that they too, fight that battle of rejection within, it makes me feel not so alone in my own struggle. There is this mystery of confessing our faults/struggles that brings healing to ourselves and others. Those thoughts that, “I am somehow broken beyond repair or out of God’s healing reach”, lose their power in the face of someone else’s humility to reveal their TRUTH. Truth is so powerful, especially when learned through experience, even you sharing YOURS! It actually helps to disarm rejection. I know for myself, that it is not even so much that I have gone through rejection that holds me down or keeps me back from life, but it is the aftermath of dealing the thoughts that accompany it. I am strengthened to know I am not alone in that regard. Isolation keeps us in chains but revealing in the light what the darkness tries to silence brings HOPE and life. Thank you.

    1. Awe, thanks, Kimberly, for sharing even your thoughts because, just as you said, we all do better with it when we know others are going through it too and have similar feelings and thoughts they have to shake off and put in God’s mighty hands. Your comment also reminds me of a healing scripture I quote with my daughter almost nightly (when we aren’t rolling through her other many that we recite) – James 5:16 “Therefore, confess your sins one to another and pray for each other, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” Thanks so much for YOUR honesty and vulnerability in admitting you’ve been there with rejection in your life, too. None of us are alone nor go through something new that someone else hasn’t gone through, nor something God didn’t know was coming our way, nor something that God can’t use for greatness! Be blessed!

  2. Only God can heal the pain felt when one is rejected. It can be very hard to come to terms with being rejected but I feel it is the rejector’s loss. Time heals and allows us to move on from those rejections. Often times than not, the rejectee heals and moves on -usually to a “better” place – emotionally, physically. I have first hand experience of being rejected by a loved one, but years down the line – the stone which the builders rejected……

    1. God certainly is the Healer of our emotions, our physical bodies, and our spiritual states. I agree that those that are rejected usually move into a better place when they are willing to deal with the hurt and move forward. Thanks for your insight!

  3. Jessica,

    Rejection sux! Pardon the language. I’ve struggle with it too, it really drains the life out of a person making them not want to play the game of life. But when we choose to brace ourselves and face life headon, it’s worth it. I am learning that I can overcome my feelings of rejection by being honest with myself and with people. Your post reminds me of the work of Brene Brown – vulnerability – if we can vulnerable, then perhaps we’ll better be able to deal with rejection. I think of how powerful we are over our own hearts – God gave us a free will. We can choose to change our mind just as you did. This makes us overcomers as we overcome. Keep fighting sister. You are going to make it. Thanks for your honesty. ;)

    1. I agree, Marvia! Thanks for your encouragement and kind words. I SO thankful we can choose to keep overcoming all the negativity and lies that fill our heads – either from others or ourselves. Right on!!

  4. Oh yes Jessica … as you quite rightly stated, they are all lies! And they are certainly not coming from God.

    I’m in a VERY happy marriage but was hurt really badly by someone I thought I could trust not that long ago. I went through a period of mourning. And what was worse, the person just cut me off just like that. It was like losing someone but not being able to bury them.

    I just cried out to God and told Him how I was feeling and through the tears I allowed Him to speak to me and He told me how He saw me and how much I meant to Him. Wow, it was one of the biggest transforming moments of my life.

    Can you hear Him Jessica? I know He’s saying similar things to you. When He highlights your strengths, don’t doubt them … He means EVERY word!

    Blessings to you!

  5. Love what you shared on rejection which I Still struggle with. The worst one to me has been from Ministries I was involved with or christians! I love what you say here:
    “There are some rejections that make you question a WHOLE lot, though. Are you doing the right thing? Being the right person? Acting the right way? Saying the right thing? GOSH – can I just be let off the hook to be myself?!?!” It helps me to know you struggle with it even though I have a different way of dealing with it…I get sad and then angry. Thank you for sharing your heart. I did post your blog post on my Google + Account and Twitter I think.

    1. Thanks for sharing this and for your comment! I can understand being sad and angry. I used to be that way, too. God has done a HUGE work in me (and still is!!!!) – so I definitely handle it better than I used to. It’s still hard no matter how you handle it. One of the biggest reasons it stinks is because it’s something you don’t want and didn’t choose. You HAVE to deal with it. Again, more opportunity for growth!

  6. To hell with the “I’m not good enough, not worth it, too broken… or whatever….” thinking! Hell is where is comes from and therefore must return to. I’m with you on having one of those kinds of weeks, kinds of months!

    I was numb for years – it was the only way to handle constant, unrelenting stress. I’m coming out of the numbness, too… you’ve nailed how it feels!

    Another great article, Jessica, and I’m inspired by your authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency! Thanks <3

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! I’m glad, to some degree, someone else can relate. It’s not fun to go through, and when you are in the middle of it, you can feel like you are the only one. Thanks for the kind words… and I’m THRILLED to hear you are coming out of your numbness, too!

  7. Rejection? Dealing with any kind of rejection is hard. Sometimes even the smallest, simplest rejection can go right to our heart and mind especially during a down day. Then there are those big, tough rejections that really can tear us down to the point we want to give up. It is then that we have to come to reality, know who we are, and trust God to see us through with His awesome grace and mercy. Thank you for sharing this today.

  8. What a heartfelt post Jessica and one I can definately relate to. Rejection from someone else is hard enough without us rejecting ourselves. It’s amazing how that negative voice can take over but thank God for His voice. The true voice that tell you that you are precious and he does indeed have a great plan for you.

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