On Writing, Business, Family, and Noodles

I want to do what I want to do.

No more molds. No more following the leader. No more fitting into a cookie cutter shape that looks nothing like me.

I feel like I’ve been shoved and pressed into an area that’s too small for me. That area can no longer contain me.

I’ve been squeezed enough that I’m bulging at the edges. But no need to worry. Actually, this is exciting. Because you know who benefits? You do.

My writing has been strictly business, but it’s time to bust that mold. I’m ready to be me and ready for you to hear from the real me – the one that’s down on two knees some nights… the one that asks God to lead me in a specific direction… the one that gets so frustrated from not being able to communicate with my 3-year old without screaming in almost every conversation that I purposefully disappear into the bathroom, if only for a minute, just to breathe with a little bit of distance between the screaming and the ringing in my ears.

I want you to get to know me on a more personal level. The level that’s not afraid to tell you like it is – like you don’t exercise because it’s not a priority in your life and you won’t until you change that perspective. Yea… ouch.

I want to be able to share killer cool products with you without it being weird and you just think I’m trying to make a buck. Of course, I do need to make a buck. But you are a higher priority to me than the buck. And more good news for you – I won’t endorse a product I don’t believe in and don’t know for sure will help you. Yay, you!

My heart is for special needs families, because, after all, I have one. However, I know my message isn’t just for them. My knowledge, products, and help can spread to many, many more.

I hope you get on this bullet train that’s about to zoom right past you. Don’t get left in the station. Better yet, jump aboard and invite your friends!

Now, What to Expect

You will hear about my faith. It’s part of me. Get over it.

You will absorb many things about health and what can make one happy. I share. You apply. That’s how this relationship works best.

You will learn about awesome products that can radically change your life for the better. If you don’t do something with that knowledge, well… ‘nough said.

You will confront your own issues and judgments when you connect with my stories about family, relationships, and healing beyond just your body.

You will be given plenty of opportunities to engage to better your life and those around you. In sharing your own story, you teach me beyond what I know now, which goes full circle when I get to share even more to change others’ lives. Again, participation is on you. I’ll be here. Waiting…

I want to help you, but you have to let me.

My Promise to You

I will share with you those things that, to the best of my knowledge, will help you, heal you, and give you a better life because I care about you, your family, and your future.

I will continue my research.

I will offer excellent products that have been proven to work and have helped many others.

I will give you advice from my own life experiences if I know it will assist you in making better choices.

I will try to keep you from the traps I’ve fallen into and give you a way out or around before you ever see the hole 10 feet ahead.

I will extend information through ebooks, video courses, and articles with applicable steps to implement in your life immediately to streamline going gluten-free (and which noodle brands to avoid so your meal doesn’t taste like cardboard), time management, the best kitchen equipment to have and how to use it most effectively, great exercises for specific, targeted muscles, product reviews, and much more.

I love you, care about you, and want to see you healthy and healed in your body, mind, and heart.

Onto the new Love. Care. Heal. A better one… for you!

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JessBio200 On Writing, Business, Family, and NoodlesJessica Stone is a wife, mom to 4, and owner of her own businesses in the fitness and essential oils industries. She has 3 special needs children, one which has an undiagnosed neuro-muscular condition that limits her mobility, and her twins are currently receiving therapy for sensory defensiveness, physical mobility, fine motor skills, and speech. She enjoys sharing what she has learned through her trials, experience, research, and tools that have helped her children’s health with other parents who are looking for support, encouragement, and helpful information. Get her FREE gift to you, 30 Easy Snacks Your Kids Will Devour: Eating Healthy Never Got So Simple, to help you feed your kids quick & healthy! Connect with Jess live today on Facebook!

On Writing, Business, Family, and Noodles

8 thoughts on “On Writing, Business, Family, and Noodles

  1. I am pretty sure that you can help people with everything that you know and especially with everything that you do; you walk the talk so to speak. You are such a great testimony to so many people; I pray that your heart’s desires will be fulfilled!

  2. I love it Jessica. “Do You”, that’s my approach. It’s the way I approach everything I write, all my videos, my course-everything. I write, teach, and speak in my videos just like Ron sitting in his living room with his friend or relative. it took me a while to understand that that very thing is what makes me unique and special among others who have far more experience, degrees, a full schedule of clients, etc. I’m me, and nobody does me better. “Yay you!”

  3. If I had only half your energy and stamina, Jessica!

    The blogs I love best aren’t just “teachy” or “preachy” but are written by genuine, REAL people who simply share their stories along the way… from the heart. So I love this article, Jessica.

    The word “fresh” comes to mind. It feels like you’re off and running, getting a fresh start… but more… “fresh” … more like your writing is fresh. I’m not quite saying it right, but I hope you get my meaning!

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